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Experiencing Surf Taghazout for the very first time
Experiencing Surf Taghazout for the very first time

Surf in Taghazout here i came!

Goodbye cold, rainy and grey Germany; Morocco here I come!
Getting out of the airplane, having that slight smell of saltwater and summer in my nose, feeling the light warm breeze in my face makes me realize: I actually managed to escape from the winter. As I am getting all my luggage and slowly walk out of the airport, Yassine (the owner of the hostel) is already waiting for me outside, holding the big hostel sign with my name written underneath in his hands. “Your first experience of Moroccan lifestyle is already waiting for you: our 45 min car drive to Taghazout; passing some small villages and the big city of Agadir.”, he tells me. Windows down, music on, watching out of the window passing many bikes, horses, donkeys, suddenly see the coastline for the very first time, and finally entering the hostel: Surf taghazout Hostel!

The typical Moroccan style the hostel is decorated in, a big selection of surf boards, hearing people laugh and music playing, immediately makes me feel welcome and almost like home. Yassine is showing me around, explaining me everything until we finally get to the highlight of the hostel, which also turns out to be the source of the voices and music: the rooftop terrace! I guess the pictures already say everything 😉 Here is where everybody would come together, check the surf in the morning, chill out, talk about their surf experiences of the day and also have breakfast and dinner.
As the water is suppose to be flat the next day, Yassine is asking everybody out for an open air beach party with a bonfire…and I´m telling you, even though you mainly come here for surfing and therefor get up early every morning, you still don´t want to miss out the Moroccan nightlife 😉

So after that fun night out, my actual first day here turns out to be “unsurfably flat”. Hence we end up driving down to paradise valley for the day: After an hour of driving through the beautiful Moroccan inland, listening to music, hiking down into the valley, we have finally arrived in paradise village! And what more can I say then just breathtaking and stunning! A Moroccan family is sitting on the rocks, playing and singing traditional music, be surrounded by palms, people bouldering along the rocks, jumping off the cliffs and just crystal clear water! What better alternative to surfing could you think of?! 😉

Next day: Finally it´s SURFING DAY! Getting up at 7:15am, attending the sunrise yoga class right at the beach, having delicious breakfast on the rooftop afterwards is probably the best start in the day I could have ever imagined. At round about 9 am our surf instructor team is picking us up: it´s ANZA for today. As everybody already is super stoked about surfing when we arrive at the beach, it´s just going to be quickly unloading the van, setting up the umbrellas to a small camp, fighting yourself into the tight wetsuit and we´re ready to go. After a quick warm up, there would be a short theoretical unit for each surf level to focus on for the day and then we´re off to the water. Rouchdi will definitely make sure for everybody to ether manage their first stand up, catch your first green wave or get the turns right for the first time; and I promise you: after that, you won´t get rid of that weird smile on your face anymore for the rest of the day…and hence for the rest of your whole stay here.
So how about experience Taghazout Surf yourself? Come and join us!

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